Directorate of Food Craft Institute


Admission Started Now


Selection will be made on the basis of the merit obtained in the qualifying examination. Candidates should produce all the mark sheets of qualifying examination to prove the chances taken to pass the examination. Those who have taken more than 3 chances for the qualifying examination are not eligible for admission. In the case of candidate who have passed the qualifying examination in the second chance, 5 marks and in the case of candidates who have passed in the third chance, 10 marks will be rerated for determining their rank for effecting admission. In case of tie marks, candidate who have taken less chance will be ranked first and in case of further tie, marks for English will be considered. In case of tie again the candidate with higher age will be given priority.

Allocation of Seats

Is as per the state government rules.

Late Receipt of Application Forms

The authorities cannot be held responsible for non – receipt or late receipt of application forms, selection memos etc, and other correspondence regarding admission. No consideration can be shown for such cases. All documents pertaining to admission or selection will be sent by ordinary post.

Mode of Admission

Admission to all the courses will be considered on merit basis. If in a particular course the application received and the number of applicants appearing for the interview is less than 50% of the inatake of students in the course, the course may not be conducted during the academic year. This decision will be taken by the Director Food Craft Institute.

Payment of Fee

The fee is payable in two installments. 1st installment at the time of admission which will include admission fee, students activities, caution deposit examination fees and 50% each of tuition fee and lab fee. The Second installment falls due on 1st November and payable before 30th November, which will include balance of tuition fee, and lab fee.

Protective Clothing /Uniforms

Students are required to provide themselves with the following uniforms / protective cloth while in the dining rooms and class rooms as per the direction of the concerned principals.1. Front Office OperationBoys – Black Pant, Black belt, black shoes, black socks, White full sleeve shirt, Black Blazer, Navy blue TieGirls – Black Pant, Black belt, black shoes, black socks, White full sleeve shirt, Black Blazer, & Blue scarf.2. Food & Beverage ServiceBoys & Girls – Black Pant, Black belt, black shoes, black socks, white full sleeve shirt, black Bow Tie & Black vest.3. Food ProductionBoys & Girls -White Chef Coat, White Chef Cap, White scarf, White apron, Checked Pant, Black Shoes & Black Socks, Black Pant & White full sleeve Shirt4. Hotel Accommodation OperationBoys – Black Pant, White half sleeve Shirt, Black Shoe, Black Belt, Black Socks, Black Tie, White Apron.Girls – Black Pant, white half sleeve Shirt, Black Shoe, Black Belt, Black Socks, Black vest, White apron5. Bakery & ConfectioneryBoys & Girls – White Chef Coat, White Chef Cap, White Scarf, White apron, Checked Pant, Black Shoes & Black Socks, Black Pants & White full sleeve Shirt.6. Canning & Food PreservationBoys & Girls – White Chef Coat, White Chef Cap, White Scarf, White apron, Black Shoes & Black Socks, Black Pants & White full sleeve Shirt.

The authorities of the Institute reserve the right to change or modify the syllabus, prospectus and rules whenever necessary and the same shall be binding on all students. The authorities reserve the right to postpone/ cancel any of the courses. Any other details not specifically covered by these clauses will be decided by the authorities and their decision will be final. Class hours of Institute 9.30 am to 4.30 pm. Institute working hours 9.00 am to 4.45 pm (Monday to Friday).

Placement Cell

Industrial Exposure Training will be arranged by the Placement Cell. The students who have Industrial Exposure training as a part of their course have to complete satisfactorily the training from the establishment in which the students are deputed from the Institute. The result of the candidates who have not satisfactorily completed the Industrial Exposure training will be withheld. All the expenses related to the training shall be borne by the students.

Regulation of the Food Craft Institute

1. Every student must obtain an identity card which will be supplied on payment of cost decided by the authority of the respective Food Craft Institutes. The students must always carry the card with his/her photograph affixed on the same and present it for inspection when demanded. No student will be allowed to attend classes, practicals etc, unless he or she has his/her identity card with him/her.

2. Students must attend theory classes, practical and tutorials of the institute and must visit catering establishments and take in-door and out-door catering parties arranged by the Institute. Students must not absent themselves from any Institutional, curricular and extra curricular activities with – out the previous permission of the Principal, such absence may lead to loss of term. Each student is required to complete 80% attendance, failing which, he or she will be disqualified from appearing the examination. If a student fails to obtain the required percentage of attendance, for medical or other valid reason, he/she has to submit an application along with relevant records, to the Principal, and the Principal shall in consultation with the concerned teacher examine each case and the decision of the concerned Principal, on the matter shall be final.

3. Students must not attend classes other than their own without the special permission of the Principal.

4. Conduct of the students in their classes as well as in the premises of the Institute shall be such as will cause the least disturbance to the fellow student or to other classes. The Principal may expel a student whose work or conduct is not satisfactory and the fee paid will be forfeited.

5. The students must not loiter about the Institute premises while the classes are on.

6. Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the Food Craft Institute buildings and premises.

7. Students shall do nothing either inside or outside the Institute that will in any way interfere with its orderly administration and discipline.

8. No society shall be formed in the Institute and no person invited to address a meeting without prior permission of the Principal.

9. In debates and other meetings, the chair must be taken by a responsible person approved by the Head of Institution and the subject of debates must have the previous approval of the Principal.

10. No student will be allowed to take active part in current politics.

11. No student should communicate any information or write about any matter dealing with the Institute administration to the press.

12. Students are expected to take proper care of the Food Craft Institute property and to help in keeping the premises neat and tidy. Any damage done to property of the Institute by disfiguring walls, door fittings or breaking furniture etc. is breach of discipline and will be duly punished.

13. If for any reason, the continuance of a student in the Institute is in the opinion of the Principal, which shall be final, detrimental to the best interest of the Institute, the Principal may ask such students to leave the Institute without giving reasons for his decisions.

14. Students receiving Government or Institute Scholarships or free students are granted the same on following conditions: a) That the students are regular in attendance. b) That their conduct and progress are satisfactory.

15. Absence without leave is considered a breach of discipline. Leave without permission is liable to fines. No leave will be granted without previous written application except the case of illness or emergency. Prior permission must be obtained for all other leave from the principal who will consider the application on individual merits.

16. Students, when free, should make use of the Institute Library and must not loiter around the Institute.

17. Students are prohibited from bringing / using Mobile phones inside the Campus, any mobile phone found with any students is liable to be fined, or the phone confiscated by the authorities.

18. Fees once paid will not be refunded under any circumstances.

19. Any student who has discontinued after the second installment of the fees falls due, will have to pay the second installment also before getting his/ her Certificates.

20. Any property of the Institutes damaged due to negligence by a student or students will have to be replaced or paid for by them.

21. Matters not covered by the existing rules will rest at the absolute discretion of the Principal.

22. Non – compliance of the rules of the Institute will lead to severe disciplinary proceedings including fine.

The Appellate authority in case of any complaint against the decision of the Principal, will be the Director, Food Craft Institute Kerala.

Short term courses

When the need arises short term courses are conducted from time to time in connection with Government agencies like Kudumbasree, SC/ST development department, Lakshadweep Administration etc. Courses are also conducted for quasi government and private organizations. Tailormade courses are conducted for cooking, baking etc for house wives & students. The duration, the fees, the syllabus & certification, will be decided by the Principal in consultation with the concerned agencies.